Herbs and Helpers INFO ALERT - Unavoidable Price Rises

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Herbs and Helpers INFO ALERT - Unavoidable Price Rises

Postby herbsandhelpers » Tue Jul 10, 2012 5:03 pm

Herbs and Helpers INFO ALERT - Unavoidable Price Rises

It is with regret that we have had to increase some of the prices for Chinese Herbal Medicine products from KPC/Sinecura. Prices rose about 6 months ago but due to existing stocks and better exchange rates we held off as long as we could.

Items affected include all KPC Single herb 5:1 concentrated extracts/granules, KPC Classic formulas 5:1 concentrated extracts/granules. Tablet and capsule prices have not been affected.

The rises affect both patients and practitioners.


The main reason is global factors especially within the Chinese Market affecting the basic cost of resources, as I'm sure anyone reading the China Daily will know. Also increases in the costs of transportation etc. This has now filtered through to our level and directly affected costs.

Good News!

Some prices have gone down! If any items cost less then we have reduced them! You may be pleasantly surprised on some items.

Although ...

The prices of a handful of herbs have risen spectacularly e.g. Jin Yin Hua, Fang Feng, Qiang Huo, Tian Ma, Wu Wei Zi etc.

What does this mean for me?

If you are a patient then your next prescription is likely to cost more. If you are a practitioner then currently for any one order over £30.00 (excluding postage) you will get a £10.00 one time credit. We have done our best to keep rises to a minimum, please advise your patients of increased costs.

Consultation Fees:

From 1st August 2012 consultation fees rise to:

Initial Consultation £33.00

Subsquent Consultation £19.00

Dispensing Fee £3.00

These are the first rises in many years and are overdue, again increased costs give me no further option.

If you'd like to discuss anything regarding this then please email:


These changes are active now.

Best wishes,

Lorraine Hodgkinson AHG MRCHM

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